Adrian worked with me both to purchase a house, and 6 years later, to sell it. On the house purchase, I wasn’t too sure what I actually wanted. After looking at a few houses and gauging my reactions, he told me that he had a “surprise” for me. He took me out and showed me a house that I immediately fell in love with, demonstrating that Adrian was experienced enough to know what I was looking for before I knew! The purchase of the house was a very smooth transaction. When it c ame to selling the house, I went back to Adrian of course. We discussed strategy and came up with a game plan that I felt comfortable with. The sale turned out to be filled with complications, mostly for reasons beyond our control. Adrian was skillful in leading the way through the minefield we found ourselves in. My patience was wearing thin on a number of occasions but Adrian stayed calm and kept the process moving forward. Additionally, as I had already moved out of state just after the house was put on the market, Adrian went above and beyond to take care of some local matters that came up through the process of the sale. If I return to Colorado and decide to purchase a house again, I will definitely return to Adrian and James for their services!

— Louis Bardach